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The Elder Scrolls OL Guild Shops Enjoy Both Social Function besides Trading

Posted by on Jan 10, 2015 in guides


At present, there is no auction house in the ESO. So what is the difference between the guild stores and auction houses? The first difference is the way of trading. The auction house to MMO in general there are two ways to deal: bidding and price. But in ESO, you can only sell at the tag price to exchange for gw2 gold.

The second biggest difference is the auction house is common of the whole server. All players in the server can use the same auction house. ESO designers hope the game’s economy system is based on the players and the players guild itself, in the process of the store can be used in the guild get more communication. This is the reason why ESO has no auction house. For example, if you want to find a very rare item, and you need to keep interaction with other players to join other guild, finally find the item you need somewhere, it is a different experience.

How to use the guild store? You must join a guild which opens the guild shop. But in one case you can visit a guild and access a guild shop without join that guild. If the guild store occupied a bastion in the battlefield, then you can visit and consume your wow gold in the store of the guild fortress through the quartermaster. Guild can claim a bastion of the camp has been captured; if the fortress is occupied by other camps, so the guild occupies relieved naturally.

Of course also can manually remove occupation, permissions are set by President. The guild in the battlefield shop non-public members can only buy with eso gold, but can’t act to show your items for selling.

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Botafogo were Fifa 15 Coins relegated

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Botafogo were Fifa 15 Coins relegated to the Brazilian second division for only the second time in 110 years on Sunday after losing 2-0 against Santos, their 22nd defeat of a troubled season.

“Sadly, Botafogo will play in Serie B next season. There have been a lot of problems, mistakes and defeats. The club asks fans for their forgiveness,” said a statement on the club’s Twitter feed.

Plagued by financial problems, Botafogo, nicknamed “Lone Star”, are famed in Brazil for being the club of legendary player Garrincha.

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FIFA 15 Potential Left Backs

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Fut 15 Coins positions on the pitch have been covered over the last few weeks. Now it is time for the left full-backs. To be a good left back, he need to be a good runner, be fast enough to catch his opponents. He need to be actively involved in a team’s offensive attacks, to stay wide. There are less options in that position, so the players we list here are high quality.

Luke Shaw. The best option on the game, has recently become one of the most expensive full backs in history. Starting at 75 wouldn’t be as expensive as Kurzuwa, however, you would most likely be unable to pick him up during the first season due to his recent transfer. Shaw, like he did last season for Southampton, will be strong in both an attacking or defensive sense. His attributed are nowhere near as strong as Kurzuwa, but his sprint speed is much better.

Layvin Kurzawa, the second best young left-back on the game. He is an out and out left back, but with a rating of 77, he will be one of the more expensive options to pick up. He has high attacking and medium defensive work rates which is strong, as well as his three star weak foot and skill moves. His physical attributes are strong, a quick across the ground option with strong stamina so he should be able to cope with the demands of your game whilst in in the defensive part of the game, he is also strong.

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Powered PS4 and PC with new patch – FIFA 15

Posted by on Jan 10, 2015 in guides

EA Sports and Electronic Arts have released a new patch for FIFA 15. The now second update for the football simulation brings, among other improvements to the goalkeepers with him. In addition, the goalies can now be retrieved even when playing with Pro Clubs touch of a button from their goal.

Added to this are adjustments on Legend Difficulty and improvements to the . Subsequently, the complete German Patch Notes:

Adjustments and improvements in shots and the goalkeepers
Fixed the bug that fans during the game online and offline “stutter”
Option added to the goalkeeper at Pro Clubs get
Fixed the bug that player instructions have not been included in season mode to the game via Team Management
Further improvements in Matchmaking in career mode
Adjustments to the difficulty level “Legend”
Improvements of goal-line technology
Correct the error with respect to the added time in FIFA Ultimate Team single player season games
Update for injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live – improvements of “Looking Ahead” Audio in career mode
Improvements to player selection in the team management in multi-play games
Players Audio Speech in all modes adjusted (tuned)

The second patch for cheap fifa 15 coins is already available on the PC and the PlayStation 4. A version for the Xbox One should follow shortly.

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Six stadiums to miss Fifa deadline

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in news

Brazil has admitted all its stadiums still under construction for the 2014 football World Cup will not be ready by Fifa original 31 December deadline.

Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said the six venues in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Cuiaba, Manaus and Natal would be finished in January. But now Brazil sports minister has admitted that all six will not be finished by the end of December.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Rebelo said: “There are delays but they will not be significant. What matters is that we are ready to go in January.”

He said some of the stadiums would be handed over after 31 December because of problems accommodating a busy Christmas schedule of engagements of President Dilma Rousseff, who wanted to be present at the opening ceremonies.

And Mr Rebelo compared the World Cup preparations to organising a wedding.

“In every wedding that I attended the bride was late. I never seen a bride arrive on time but never saw a marriage that didn go ahead.”

But he stressed that all Brazil stadiums would be ready for test events early next year.

Brazil other six stadiums were opened ahead of last June Confederations Cup.

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