TERA PVE adding new service tomorrow

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Sweat dampened and darkened his fur as he danced. His large brown eyes were closed in concentration, his hooves again finding their powerful rhythm. He tossed his head, short horns stabbing the air, tail twitching. Others danced beside him. Their body heat and that of the fire, burning brightly despite the flakes and wind drifting down from the smoke hole in the roof, kept the lodge warm and comfortable.

You always hear about the free play MMORPG world server consolidation. You do not often hear is that after the game, increasing the server’s been out for a long period of time. Since the contents of the update and publish games on Steam, collective entertainment is there to do it for thier MMORPG, TERA.

Tomorrow, June 9, known as the normal scheduling server Highwatch a new PvE server maintenance on the rear lines. The new roles can be created and existing roles will be able to transfer free of charge for a very short period of time in Highwatch, if you want to jump to a new PVE server. Shuttle storm river, Ascension and celestial mountain valley temporarily stopped, though.

If you are considering transferring, you have to do by June 16 of the normal fee will return to effect it. For this week’s free shuttle, requirements for transferring levels will be reduced to 15.

Even after the population limit of 120% increase server still appears in peak playing time queuing time for Highwatch should help alleviate these waiting times we try to launch a new gunner class after PVE server.

PvP players are not getting any love new server at this time, since the creation of the PvP server is still quite high, but the players in the distribution of these servers is a good flow.

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The Developers of WoW have made a slight change of how they proceed with the talking about new expansions

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That they don’t. Apparently, they said too much before WoD and players got disappointed when the things they were promised changed in the final product. I’m totally in agreement with that it’s better to hold things secret a little bit longer than promising stuff they can’t keep. It’s also good that the actual talking and promising is much closer to the launch, because otherwise we go mooning about the new stuff we want but can’t have for over half a year. So, good things all around.

It does however create a large mystery about what we should expect. We know they’ll be focusing on class identity and that most likely Mistweavers will see a lot of changes – but we don’t know what. We know that there’ll be artifacts (Sheilun, hello) and Order Halls – but we don’t know completely what and where. Not knowing create a lot of suspense. I’m gonna go ahead and let my imagination run wild here. What would I like to see in Legion regarding Mistweavers?

BoggleContrary to popular complaints (kind of), I really like the idea of having a Serpent stance and a Crane stance. It makes the spec complex and raises the skill cap. Mistweavers should be one of the harder healing specs, because that’s what makes it fun. The lore surrounding Crane stance has a few gaps though. Fistweaving has always been part of the spec, sure, but when and where did Chi-Ji enter the picture? I agree that it was a bit odd that there was one celestial missing from the Monk table, and I’m glad it was granted to the Mistweaver spec. But it also feels like we’re missing a story here! It would be awesome if we could delve a little deeper into Chi-Ji and Mistweaver’s relationship.

In conjunction with this, make the Crane spec a little bit more fun. I mean, Pool of Mists is the only thing that keeps the stance remotely interesting (checking multistrike procs to know when to spend stacks). But other than that, it’s rather lackluster. What I’d like is a spell or two that’s unique for the stance (and not a hand-me-down from Windwalkers) and if Blizzard gods be willing, a chance to actually make a spec out of Crane. A full fists blazing, dragons roaring, cranes screeching kind of a Crane spec. A spec that can make raid leaders gasp in wonder and fight for every Mistweavers available. Okay, now I’m dreaming but hey, the Blizzard gods might hear me!

Pool of Mist must be baseline. End of story. I cannot live without three stacks on Renewing Mist and Rising Sun Kick anymore. It doesn’t matter what’s else on the talent tier, Pool of Mist is the only thing that counts. And that is despite that I actually love Chi Explosion and Breath of the Serpent. But if Blizzard tried to take my three stacks away from me, I would be like a drug addict on withdrawal. It. can’t. be. done.

Then there’s the great or the tragic story of Mana Tea, depending on who you ask. I know many want it gone entirely, but I’m more in the I-want-it-modified camp. The upside of Mana Tea is the fun meta game around it, which I believe greatly affects how we think about our rotation and timing. It also gives a lot of meaning to Crane stance. The downsides are the extremely wonky scaling with gear (either you don’t have mana, or you’re up to your ears with mana) and the amount of time you have to spend channeling. I don’t know if there’s an easy solution, but I hope that the developers at least take a look at the problem. It needs some fixing.

Wait, wait. Before I continue, *I* need to fix something. Oh okay, here we go; a hot cup of elderberry tea. Strangely, I can never hear the word elderberry without thinking about monty python and the holy grail “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!”.

But now I digress. With a cup of tea in hand, let’s continue.

ContemplateI would say that the Blizzard folk seem like a competent group of people that do their best with an oversized yet beautifully complex game. As long as they hold true to the Mistweaver nature, or the core idea of what a Mistweaver is, they can’t be too off the mark with the new changes. The conundrum lies in what exactly is the core of Mistweavers. The idea of a Mistweaver probably differs from person to person, but I’d like to give my view of the spec.

When I think of Mistweavers the first word that pops into my mind is Mysterious. A healer that doesn’t rely on goodness and holy light to heal, but on the secret arts of manipulating Chi flows and weaving the mists to aid them. On herbs, brew and tea, and the wisdom of the Jade Serpent. On the gameplay side, I think of a very different and versatile healer with high skill cap. The skill cap is not as high as it was before (for those who didn’t play at the time, it required a mastery to reach the cap of 15 Renewing Mists active at the same time). But the Mistweaver spec is still one of the odd healers.

If Blizzard manages to reshape the Mistweaver spec to fully reflect these values, while at the same time making the gameplay fun and engaging, they have succeeded in my eyes. Somehow, they must also make the Crane stance work more harmoniously with the Serpent healing, both gameplay-wise and lore-wise.

As you might notice, I’m nursing my inner RPGer here. But I’ve always been a sucker for good stories and concepts. I can listen to the music, especially the Way of the Monk, and just get totally swept away by the whole fantasy of that it is to be a Mistweaver. And I want that to happen in Legion. I want to fall in love with my spec all over again. Everything else they achieve with the expansion is just a side dish compared to that. But I must say, the makeover of the transmog and profession system has been long coming. Quality of life that is.


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Halo Wars 2 coming to PC, Creative Assembly involved

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Microsoft squeaked in a last minute announcement of Halo Wars 2 right at the end of their Games shindig, and added that it’s coming to the PC as well.

Actually, they said coming to ‘Windows 10’; but as they’d been using Windows 10 interchangeably with PC throughout the whole event it’s hard to say if that really means “Windows 10 only.”

The sequel to the original RTS Halo spin-off is coming in Fall 2016. Not a whole lot else was said about Halo Wars 2, but the advertised involvement of Creative Assembly (shown at the end of the non-gameplay trailer below) is kind of interesting.


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Actor Kevin Sorbo, a ’90s geek icon for his title role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, will voice a mostly new character in MOBA SMITE.

… That character is Hercules, of course.

In fact, it’s Retro Herc, a resurrected version of Hercules from early on in SMITE’s development, and he’s a gift to the community meant to celebrate the game’s 10 millionth player. Yes, a gift:

“Anyone who wins 10 PvP matches in August will unlock Hercules as a playable god, along with the Hercules retro skin and a new Hercules voice pack featuring Kevin Sorbo, the star of TV’s Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – all for free.”

Hi-Rez further reminds everyone about its unannounced game, playable at Gamescom.

The video is below, and yes, Kevin Sorbo’s in it.


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Das Tal is still a ways off from operating an ongoing alpha program, but the team is throwing a one-day test for this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EDT to show off some of its improvements and even a new feature.

“This will be the very first time that testers will get a chance to try out the new small events,” the team announced. “We are really interested to see how the addition of these smaller, yet more numerous opportunities, change the flow of the game.”

The test will also show off new map icons and some wicked cool tree designs. Fairytale Distillery said that it’s continuing to work through a checklist in order to get 24/7 servers online for the PvP MMO.


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The classic EverQuest progression servers have proven pretty popular, enough that the two servers are going to deviate from one another in terms of update pace. But what if you rolled on one and now want to update pace of the other? Starting on July 30th, you’ll have the option of transferring from Lockjaw to Ragefire or vice versa for free, ensuring that you’re at the pace that most closely matches your own feelings on expansion releases.

Free transfers will run until August 10th, at which point players will still be able to transfer between the servers but will have to pay money to do so. That option will also be removed when the Ruins of Kunark expansion goes live for one of the servers; at that point, you’ll be stuck where you are, like it or not. So get ready to move early and hopefully not often if you’re excited to be reliving the past slightly faster or slower.


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