With what we know about warplots Wildstar until now

The following is the fact warplots known! You know, not listed below, please share with us.
40 / 40
The need to warparty States, but if you need some players lap systematically.
No association
The operation of the force and the connection.
Costly maintenance
In the way of comprehensive integration
A single warplot huge scale, equivalent to 10 residential areas (this is great!
Warparties range. Buddy system not known beyond the confines of the base layer.
With the cost of the plug socket of the raid boss cost points more to say on the wall. As a warparty ranking can obtain more results and the vivienda.aún district prices without confirming or denying some earplugs if confined to a specific area warplot, similar to that of the house has some elements. Terrible that we shared.