FIFA 15 Potential Left Backs


Fut 15 Coins positions on the pitch have been covered over the last few weeks. Now it is time for the left full-backs. To be a good left back, he need to be a good runner, be fast enough to catch his opponents. He need to be actively involved in a team’s offensive attacks, to stay wide. There are less options in that position, so the players we list here are high quality.

Luke Shaw. The best option on the game, has recently become one of the most expensive full backs in history. Starting at 75 wouldn’t be as expensive as Kurzuwa, however, you would most likely be unable to pick him up during the first season due to his recent transfer. Shaw, like he did last season for Southampton, will be strong in both an attacking or defensive sense. His attributed are nowhere near as strong as Kurzuwa, but his sprint speed is much better.

Layvin Kurzawa, the second best young left-back on the game. He is an out and out left back, but with a rating of 77, he will be one of the more expensive options to pick up. He has high attacking and medium defensive work rates which is strong, as well as his three star weak foot and skill moves. His physical attributes are strong, a quick across the ground option with strong stamina so he should be able to cope with the demands of your game whilst in in the defensive part of the game, he is also strong.