Diablo 3 soul reaper Crusaders


Blizzard Entertainment has issued a new soul Diablo II trailer God reaper. This time, the company focused on presenting the Crusaders, the latest playable class will include expansion of Diablo III. So we can see that the control event, if we decide soul reaper d3 gold CRUZADO, and learn about the history surrounding the fact that some of your skills.

As I have already told, the soul of Diablo III’s death will sargasso News Diablo III. In addition to the Crusader class, we can play a new behavior, we will have a new game mode and other artisans.

If that’s not enough, you let us raise the level of your character to 70. All this from March 25 on PC and Mac Do not forget to celebrate the release of the soul reaper, players Blizzard gives us a chance to have an extra 50% in Diablo experience of God III, until 24.