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Strategy game from former Diablo 3 developers

Posted by on May 14, 2015 in news


The goal of each match is for players to defeat the general of the other person’s squad. The general sits on the game board, much like the King does in a game of chess. Players bring a squad of 30 units and spells into each match and, of those 30, only six will be randomly shown in any given time. It costs many to summon units and spells onto the game board, as well as to move and attack, so players need to be strategic when deciding who or what will be in their squad, and in which order they summon units to the game board. Every unit and spell have diablo 3 gold different abilities and, like chess, some have specific movement patterns that players will have to take into account.

“It’s all about you protecting your general,” Lee said. “But your general is also very strong, so if you bring him up close to the enemy, you could deploy your units in an advantageous way, but you might also expose him to more danger. So it’s a balance of where you want to place your units and what you want to do with them.”

Some units have long-range abilities while others can only attack in close-range. Some units cost very little manna to deploy, but are likely to be weaker than those that cost more manna. Every map also has unique environments that will encourage players to use different approaches and, according to Lee, players will have the opportunity to dive into the game’s meta strategy.

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