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Getting Ready for Reaper of Souls

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in guides

With the next Diablo 3 expansion “The Reaper of Souls” just around the corner, it is time to start preparing your characters(s) for new and more powerful foes. With the new loot system already in place and the Paragon leveling system being account based, it is now easier than ever to actually make a powerful Diablo 3 character. Gear will probably not be very important as you will no doubt be getting a lot better stuff after the expansion releases and you can start your climb to level 70. Gear is very easy to acquire, and fun since you can farm it all yourself without using the dreaded Auction House.

What you should be focusing on is getting your Paragon level as high as possible right now. To do this efficiently you will need some gear though. So if you have terrible gear, just get to farming. All gear now drops equally on any difficulty so for farming gear, just go with Normal difficulty. Also Magic Find is basically useless (Read more about it here), so just forget about Magic Find.

Soul Reaper’s Legacy
Even with bad gear, farming on normal should be a piece of cake. Never pay much attention to normal mobs. I usually just run past / through them and only ever attack if there are so many that I can’t run past them. Most mobs, no matter how many won’t be able to do much damage to you. Farming four about 5 hours I got 1 set piece and 4 Legendaries. The set piece and 3 of the legendaries were good upgrades from what I was using before and the last legendary was a ring that I gave to my Templar. So getting some good gear for farming XP should go pretty quickly. Experience modifier stats aren’t really that helpful when farming XP but definitely a bonus on an already good item. You should however just focus on getting good legendaries so that you can start killing mobs quickly on higher difficulties.

There really isn’t a particular good area to farm legenadaries. Some spots are better than others, but I mostly like to pick a Act randomly and just go through it. You’ll quickly find spots you like with many Champion and boss mobs. Some of my favorites are :

The area before the Butcher in Act I

The Fields of Misery and surrounding dungeons

The area just before Maghda in Act II

Dahlgur Oasis and Surrounding Areas in Act II

Act III after raising the ballistae.

The entire Act IV

I would try to get at least Legendary weapons and 3-4 other pieces before moving on to higher difficulties to farm XP.

When you are ready to start farming XP you can switch over to harder difficulty settings. The difficulties are as follows.

Normal : Normal XP

Hard : 75% XP Bouns

Expert : 100% XP Bonus

Master : 200% XP Bouns

Torment I: 300% XP Bonus

Torment II : 400% XP Bonus

Torment III: 550% XP Bonus

Torment IV: 800% XP Bonus

Torment V: 1150% XP Bonus

Torment VI: 1600% XP Bonus

Getting the biggest XP bonus isn’t really the most important thing though. The most important thing when farming XP is killing quickly. Killing quickly equals not only being able to kill more mobs in a short amount of time, but also means more Kills in one blow bonuses and Mobs killed bonuses that you get when killing a lot of mobs in a short amount of time. These bonuses are quite substantial and by farming on Torment you probably won’t get that many. So just start farming Hard and Expert and slowly scale up as feel comfortable with doing so, and you’ll quickly notice what difficulty is the most efficient for leveling your character.

As with farming for gear, there really is no best area to farm. Here I also usually just go through an Act. I still have a few favorite spots that I visit more often than others.

Caverns Of Araneae in Act I (Trailing the Coven) is filled with spiders and getting huge kill bonuses is easy.

Crypt of the Ancients in Act I (The Broken Blade) is a small dungeon with a checkpoint and a massive amount of mobs. Once you killed everything. Log out and in again and do it over.

The Area before Maghda in Act II.

Dalhgur Oasis and surrounding areas and dungeons.

The entire act III is good but especially The Arreat Creater / Arreat Core / Heart of Sin. The Arreat crater is a series of relatively small areas that are teeming with mobs.

As a final note I will say good luck on your farming endeavors. More guides will be added leading up to and following the release of Reaper of Souls.

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