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TERA PVE adding new service tomorrow

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in guides

Sweat dampened and darkened his fur as he danced. His large brown eyes were closed in concentration, his hooves again finding their powerful rhythm. He tossed his head, short horns stabbing the air, tail twitching. Others danced beside him. Their body heat and that of the fire, burning brightly despite the flakes and wind drifting down from the smoke hole in the roof, kept the lodge warm and comfortable.

You always hear about the free play MMORPG world server consolidation. You do not often hear is that after the game, increasing the server’s been out for a long period of time. Since the contents of the update and publish games on Steam, collective entertainment is there to do it for thier MMORPG, TERA.

Tomorrow, June 9, known as the normal scheduling server Highwatch a new PvE server maintenance on the rear lines. The new roles can be created and existing roles will be able to transfer free of charge for a very short period of time in Highwatch, if you want to jump to a new PVE server. Shuttle storm river, Ascension and celestial mountain valley temporarily stopped, though.

If you are considering transferring, you have to do by June 16 of the normal fee will return to effect it. For this week’s free shuttle, requirements for transferring levels will be reduced to 15.

Even after the population limit of 120% increase server still appears in peak playing time queuing time for Highwatch should help alleviate these waiting times we try to launch a new gunner class after PVE server.

PvP players are not getting any love new server at this time, since the creation of the PvP server is still quite high, but the players in the distribution of these servers is a good flow.

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